Doug / 06-17-2008 / Truck Accident

No Contest Plea Gets Truck Driver Seven Years

The truck driver who caused the deaths of seven children in a horrific truck accident near Gainesville back in 2006 finally knows his fate.  He has reportedly pleaded no contest in the seven deaths and received one year of prison time for each child he killed.  He had been charged with seven counts of vehicular manslaughter.

According to the prosecutors, the driver had been driving for approximately 34 hours with only a brief nap before he fell asleep and crashed his vehicle into the car waiting for a school bus to unload.  The car with the seven children inside burst into flames, killing all of them.  The bus driver and several children on the bus were injured as well.

The National Traffic Safety Board reported that the driver tested negative for drugs and alcohol.

During his court appearance, the driver of the truck apologized to the families and through his tears repeatedly told them he is “not a heartless person.”

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