Doug / 11-09-2011 / Boat Accidents

No Charges To Be Filed In Boating Accident Death

A family who experienced a tragic boating accident in the Florida Keyes will likely not be facing charges now, according to  The five family members spend 20 hours clinging to the side of the capsized boat, waiting to be rescued.  One of the family members, 79-year-old Zaida San Jurjo Gonzalez, is believed to have drowned.  The family is from the Royal Palm Beach—Acreage area.

Officer Robert Dube of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says charges are not typically filed against boaters for these types of violations.

“We don’t know if they had the proper equipment or not,” said Officer Dube.  The family had been out fishing when their 22-foot boat capsized.  Fishing guide David Jenses eventually found the family and rescued them.

“I tried to get them to swim to the boat, but they said they didn’t know how to swim,” Jensen said.  “Then I had the mate throw them life jackets.  One guy put on the lifejacket and swam to the boat.”  Officials believe weather could have played a part in the accident.

Do you think that someone should be held accountable for not equipping the boat with proper safety equipment?  Should someone be charged for the wrongful death of the victim?

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