Michael Damaso / 11-20-2019 / Car Accident

Nissan Recalls More Than 400,000 Cars in U.S. Due to Fire Risk

NissanNissan has recalled over 400,000 cars in the U.S. due to a defect in the braking system that could cause the vehicles to suddenly catch fire.

The four specific Nissan models included in the recall are the 2015 to 2018 models of the Nissan Murano SUV, 2016 to 2018 models of the Nissan Maxima sedan, 2017 to 2019 models of Nissan Infiniti QX60, and 2017 to 2019 models of the Nissan Pathfinder SUV. The recall includes 126,579 Pathfinders, 115,518 Muranos, 82,374 Maximas, and 69,554 Infiniti QX60s.

The auto defect involves a pump seal that may become worn down through use, causing brake fluid to leak. If this happens, the braking system will alert the driver with a warning on the dashboard, but if the driver ignores the warning and continues to drive the vehicle, this brake fluid leak could lead to an electrical short in the car’s actuator circuit, which could cause a fire.

Although, there have been no reported fires or injuries to date, all owners of the defective vehicles are advised to park their vehicles outside and away from buildings or other structures if the anti-lock brake system warning light comes on for more than 10 seconds.

Owners should continue to keep their vehicles outside until the defect has been fixed. If owners note that the warning light does stay on for more than 10 seconds at a time, they are instructed to contact Nissan immediately to have the vehicle towed to a dealer for repairs.

Nissan is in the process of alerting dealers and owners of the defective vehicles. The fix involves the dealer replacing the anti-lock braking system (ABS) actuator with a new design. This repair comes at no cost to the owner. Additional parts will become available in the summer of 2020. At this time, owners will be asked to take their vehicles to their local dealer for repair.

The models that are involved in the recall were manufactured at Nissan plants in Canton, Mississippi, and Smyrna, Tennessee.

Nissan has seen its share of recalls over the past few years. This most recent recall comes a little over a year from when Nissan recalled 215,124 vehicles following concerns that the vehicles could catch fire due to a different brake fluid leak. At the time, 2016 to 2017 Maxima models were recalled, along with 2015 to 2017 Muranos and 2017 to 2018 Pathfinders. In September 2019, Nissan recalled 1.23 million SUVs and Sedans in both the U.S. and Canada due to a problem with the vehicles’ backup cameras.

Vehicle owners should always take recall notices seriously. If you or someone you know has one of the affected models of Nissan vehicles and sees the ABS alert system light go on in the car, it is extremely important that the vehicle be taken into a dealer for repairs immediately.

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