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Negligent Security Harms the Whole Community

Recently we described the attack on one of our clients.  In that write-up we mentioned that the owner of the property where our client was beaten was found to be at fault because they failed to heed the many warnings that their property was insecure.  This type of premises negligence not only lead to the beating of our client, it has a negative effect on the entire community.

By not providing proper security, a property owner shows that they have no concern for the community in which they operate.  They also send a message that their property is a safe haven for criminal activity.  By ignoring their responsibility to the community as a whole they invite attacks on the public, encourage drug use, and ignore the need to ensure the safety of that community.

Of course this lack of security not only increases their liability when something does go wrong, it harms the community in other ways that may not be as apparent.  Increased criminal activity in an area can lead to low property values.  This reduces the amount of taxes collected and actually decreases the availability of funds for public services like police and fire departments.

Ironically, this cycle will also reduce the number of people willing to come to their property to do legal and income generating business.  In essence, property owners who fail to provide adequate security for their clientele and their tenants risk losing both, and also place themselves at risk when harm does come to one of those customers.

If you have been attacked or harmed on someone else’s property due to a lack of security, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Please contact us and let us know the details regarding that injury and we will be happy to review the benefits of your case.

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