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Nationwide Recall of Daptomycin

There has been a recent voluntary nationwide recall of four lots of the intravenous antibiotic drug daptomycin (CUBICIN), due to contamination. Four lots of the drug were found to have glass particles within the vials, the FDA and the drug’s manufacturer said.

The affected lots, which were shipped by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, according to a statement released by the manufacturer. The lots recalled were shipped between May 2011 and March of 2013. The thus far reported lot numbers affected by the contamination include: 950453F, 090203F, 201703F, and 201653F. The expiration dates for the affected lot numbers range from Dec. 6, 2013, to Sept. 1, 2015.

Although thus far there are no reported cases for injury in connection to the reported contamination, there are potentials risks associated with possible expose to the contaminated vials. There has been caution raised for medical offices, clinics, and hospitals with inventories of the drug, to inspect the vials within the recalled lot numbers. Cubist is reportedly contacting customers to notify them of the possibility of glass particles. Directions included on lots instruct that vials should be checked prior to administration of the drug by health providers and that any vials containing particles should not be used. Cubist has reported suspension of manufacturing with the supplier, linked to the origination of the contamination, until proper measures of addressing the contamination have been taken.

It is important that the manufacturer and supplier are able to locate the point of contamination during the manufacturing process of the drug to deter the chances of future incident. For the time being Cubist is arranging for the return of recalled product.

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