Doug / 11-04-2013 / Consumer Safety

Modern Technology and What Dangers it Poses to Our Privacy

It is not uncommon to see people now a days with a cell phone taking pictures out in public places. Technology has put so many tools and options into of phones that have made it growingly convenient to just snap a picture of something you see, for example the Internet is full of photos and video people have taken on their phones. Though advancement of the cell phone has brought with it some clear utility, it has also opened the door to people taking advantage of having a camera at their fingertips.

Lawsuits have been brought against personnel in places hospitals and emergency responders for their use of cell phone to take photographs at inappropriate times. An anesthesiologist in a deposition referred to what he thought was just a joke between coworkers, in speaking about photos taken of a patient who’d been put under anesthesia for a procedure. Personnel placed stickers on the patient’s face and took photos.

Similar incidents have been reported such as a dentist placing fake boar tusks in the mouth of a patient during oral surgery and even a paramedic taking a photo of an overweight woman with the caption “wide/load”. These are abuses of technology and violate privacy of patients leaving them violated by the very people they are expected to trust with their care. Some hospitals and doctor’s offices have banned cell phones and cameras in places like examination rooms and operating rooms t avoid such situations.

These devices we as a society have grown so attached to are even making their way into operating rooms and it is an invasion of privacy. If you or a loved one has had your privacy violated please call us today!

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