Doug / 12-21-2011 / Auto Accidents

Miami Marlins John Buck Rescues Elderly Women In Car Accident

Miami Marlins baseball player John Buck came to the rescue of two elderly women who became trapped after a car accident. Buck and his wife were driving in their neighborhood in Broward County when he noticed a palm tree violently shaking in the distance. Buck drove up to the scene approximately one minute after they hit the tree.

“I pulled out of the entrance [of his neighborhood] and I saw this car upside down and smoking,” Buck told the Palm Beach Post. “I kind of saw a hand pulling at the window.”

Buck ran to pull the two women out of the car. A bus driver who saw the wreck also stopped to offer assistance. Others gathered shortly after.

“I didn’t do a whole lot of talking—everyone was speaking Spanish around me,” Buck said. “I pulled them out, then the police came, I gave my report and was like ‘Guess my job’s over.’ So I took off.”

The women suffered minor injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. The driver appeared to be in ‘good condition’ and the passenger may have suffered a broken leg.

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