Doug / 06-10-2011 / Personal Injury

Meat Distribution Warehouse Settles Forklift Foot Injury Lawsuit

According to the Digital Journal, a former vendor of a meat distribution warehouse has won a personal injury lawsuit in the case involving injuries caused when his foot was run over by a forklift. The man was on the meat distribution warehouse’s premises selling goods to the warehouse employees when one of the warehouse employees was operating a forklift in the nearby courtyard. The forklift operator backed the forklift without checking his rear and he ran the forklift over the vendor’s left foot. The plaintiff was rushed to a nearby hospital where he had emergency surgery on his foot.

The plaintiff sued the warehouse for premises negligence. The plaintiff’s personal injury attorney said that the warehouse should have accepted liability a long time ago and avoided costly legal fees. The company had denied responsibility in the vendor’s original claims, and denied negligence in the case. However, during the deposition stages, the plaintiff uncovered a surveillance video of the incident. The information was presented to the defendant’s insurance company who initially denied the plaintiff’s claims. The meat distribution warehouse and its insurance company then agreed to settle the case for $550,000 to cover for injuries and expenses incurred in this unfortunate incident that occurred on the warehouse’s premises.

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