Doug / 01-19-2011 / Personal Injury

Mason County EMS Supervisor Faces Personal Injury Lawsuit

A Mason County EMS supervisor is a co-defendant in a personal injury lawsuit, alleging he injured a motorcyclist while operating an ambulance.

Richard D. Knopp filed a lawsuit in Mason Circuit Court alleging John Bryant’s actions caused him emotional and physical injuries. In his filing, he states he was on his Suzuki motorcycle behind one of the county owned ambulances. He stopped at a stop sign when an ambulance, which was not responding to an emergency call, backed up and struck his motorcycle.

Bryant received a police citation for improper backing. Knopp alleges he suffered mental and physical harm as well as severe and permanent injuries. These injuries resulted in time off work, loss of income and future income loss. Other co-defendants of this personal injury lawsuit are the Mason County Emergency Ambulance Authority, the Commission and John Does 1, 2 and 3.

The EMS supervisor is a co-defendant in another lawsuit by a former employee. Amy Hunt filed a lawsuit in Mason Circuit Court alleging she experienced a sexually hostile work environment, sexual harassment while on the job and that she received punishment after an attempt to file a complaint with Bryant’s director. Hunt alleges job duties reassignment caused her physical stress, which manifested in physical injuries. She also alleges hostility lead her to resign after harassment, retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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