Doug / 01-25-2011 / Personal Injury

Man Sues Streamline Production Systems for Personal Injury

Daniel Bingham filed a personal injury lawsuit against Streamline Production Systems in 2009, in Jefferson County District Court. Bingham alleges a line heater explosion caused him to suffer physical injuries, physical pain, suffering and mental anguish, lost earnings, medical costs and physical impairment.

Bingham claims he was working for Milestone Operating in 2008 when a line heater exploded nearby. He claims Streamline Production Systems serviced the heater shortly before the explosion.

Bingham alleges Streamline Production Systems improperly installed the line heater, failed to warn people working near the line heater of its dangerous condition, failed to adhere to safety standards, failed to inspect the premises for dangerous conditions, failed to correct the dangerous condition, failed to properly supervise the line heater’s installation and failed to properly provide trained workers for the line heater’s installation.

While Bingham received workers’ compensation benefits, he claims winning the lawsuit will benefit his worker’s compensation provider. In his filing, he states the carrier still has a right to recover any of its funds expended upon his injury.

Streamline Production filed a motion to compel examination and a local judge granted the request. The court ordered plaintiff to submit to medical examination. The personal injury lawsuit is still pending and plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages.

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