Doug / 07-02-2014 / Consumer Safety

Linear Expands Recall of Personal Emergency Transmitters

Many of us have seen commercials for products like Life Alert, devices that transmit a signal to summon assistance for individuals often designed and targeted at the elderly community. Linear has produced a similar device which is a button worn around the neck, much like a necklace, which summons assistance when the person when the button is pressed. The company however has launched a recall of this particular device due to a defect in the batteries used in the transmitters. The recall currently affects about 175,000 units of the device and an additional 48,000 which had been previously recalled in December 2013.

It has been discovered the batteries may fail to emit a low battery warning, thus leading the user to believe the device is fully functional when in reality the battery life has run and the device if pressed will not generate a warning as it is designed to.  Linear has received a report of a transmitter failing to operate, although no injuries have been reported. Although no injuries have been reported in connection to the use of the transmitter, consumers are urged to immediately contact Linear to receive a free replacement transmitter. In the event of an emergency and or need of assistance the device can fail to function, which could leave the user unable to contact the necessary care.

The recalled transmitters were available for purchase at Independent PERS distributors and dealers from June 2008 through July 2011 for $45. The recalled model numbers DXS-62A, DXS-62a1 and DXS-64 all have batteries that are sealed into the devices and may contain the defect. The date code, model number and other information relating to the device can be located on the back of the transmitter.

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