Doug / 03-26-2012 / Auto Accidents

‘Last Text’ Leaves Lasting Impact on Viewers

This an incredibly effective and powerful video that AT&T put out a little more than a year ago, entitled “The Last Text.” We encourage you to watch it and let us know which portion stood out the most to you, as there are many powerful moments throughout this less than 11-minute video. You can also watch a separate video of reactions to the documentary.

By now, we would hope that videos like this one have reinforced the danger inherent in texting and driving. Even though the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and text messaging devices while driving roughly one year later, the advocacy efforts need to continue. As the Sarasota Herald-Tribune noted on March 18, 2012, it was ironic that a bill seeking to ban texting while driving died in a subcommittee of the Florida House of Representatives responsible for highway safety.

The Herald-Tribune also noted that a poll of 800 Floridians likely to vote in the general election and conducted by the nonpartisan, Jacksonville-based company Mason-Dixon found 71 percent of the likely voters supported a state law banning texting while driving. We are encouraged by the public support for anti-texting legislation in the Sunshine State, and while a law against the practice would not completely eliminate auto accidents caused by distracted driving, it would at the very least give drivers another reason not to partake in the dangerous habit. Hopefully it will not be too long until the law better reflects the will of a majority of Floridians and protects all motorists throughout the state.

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