Doug / 01-21-2014 / Consumer Safety

Land Rover Recalls Thousands Of SUVs: Why Your SUV May Not Be As Safe As You Think

At least 3,912 Range Rover sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are being recalled in the United States. The reason for the recall is potential problems with front seat airbag deployment. The Range Rover model years 2013 and 2014 are being recalled because the front seat airbags may not deploy in the case of an accident.

A problem was discovered in the affected SUVs with the Supplemental Restraint System connector in the airbag system may become disconnected, causing the airbags in the front seat not to function, leaving both the driver and a front seat passenger in increased danger should they be involved in a crash.

The Supplemental Restraint System in the Range Rover controls front and side air bag deployment, therefore if the connectors do disconnect it is likely in the event of a crash neither would deploy properly if at all.

Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors, acknowledged the issue in documents filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Owners will be notified and dealerships will modify the SUVs to prevent disconnection of the airbags. The Car manufacturer is expected to begin taking action with the recall mid-January 2014.

Owners of the affected SUVs will be able to bring their vehicles to Land Rover dealerships to have the connector modified. The recall does not involve all 2013 and 2013 Range Rovers, but Land Rover has not yet released information clarifying, which features or dates of manufacture will qualify for recall.

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