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Keeping Your Kids Safe at Florida Theme Parks

Tips from our Orlando Injury Lawyers

From the Magic Kingdom to Sea World to dozens of others, Orlando has near-infinite options for family summertime fun. As the summer is quickly approaching, it is important to learn how to keep you and your family safe at Orlando’s many theme parks.

Water and Heat

We call it the Sunshine State for a reason – summer days in Florida get hot, and stay hot. The single most important thing you can do while enjoying a day in the sun is staying hydrated, and making sure your kids stay hydrated, as well. If you can, avoid drinking caffeinated soft drinks that sap the body of water and leave you and your family feeling thirstier.

Take It Easy

Despite their seemingly limitless energy, kids need a break from time to time. Before you embark for your family day of fun, establish times that everyone will take a dedicated break to sit down and take a load off their feet. This will ensure that everyone has energy to sustain them through the day, as well as avoiding exhaustion that could cause discomfort and illness.

“Keep Your Hands Inside The Ride At All Times…”

The phrase something of a cliché nowadays, but the simple wisdom of it holds true. Modern rollercoasters go extremely fast, making it very difficult to see any oncoming obstacles, obstructions, or hazards. Most rides were designed to be ridden with all hands, limbs and feet inside the seating area at all times, and it may be necessary to communicate this to your children. For everyone’s safety, it is vital to follow both the posted instructions and whatever you are told by park staff.

Take a Closer Look

The person operating the ride is obligated to ensure that the ride is safe for thousands upon thousands of people. Unfortunately, they may not always be doing the most diligent job of making sure you and your children are safe. It is also important to visually examine the attraction for seemingly broken parts or indications of poor maintenance. An improperly maintained or operated ride can cause catastrophic injuries. Tragically, wrongful deaths can occur due to a theme park’s negligence.

Amusement parks can be a wonderful day of fun for you and your children. However, they can also be hazardous places that could cause immense harm if the owners and operators of the park are negligent in their obligation to provide a safe experience. If you or your children have suffered due to a theme park accident, contact one of our Orlando injury attorneys today to discuss your legal rights.

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