Doug / 10-09-2014 / Consumer Safety

Keeping Warm and Safe this Winter

As Cooler weather begins to approach us, so does the season of sweaters, jackets and hoodies.  Although we will all begin to bundle up as the colder temperatures begin to roll in, most of us aren’t wondering is the jacket or coat I bought safe.

Most consumers do not think about the safety of the clothing and accessories they purchase. We are a part of a society that trusts manufacturers and designers to produce products that are suited for their intended use, but occasionally defective products or products that pose a danger to consumers are distributed for sale. Pure Baby Organic has recently recalled a boy’s hoodie, due to the drawstring around the neck area of the sweater, which poses a strangulation hazard to children. Things such as drawstrings on children’s clothing creates a risk that the drawstring can become caught or pulled and cause the child wearing it to become entangled, which could result in injures and or strangulation. Similarly Active Apparel has also launched a recall of sweatshirts it had produced which raise the same potential strangulation hazard.

The Pure Baby Organic sweater was produced in a solid gray color (100% cotton) with a red drawstring. The sweater can also be identified by a style number of PB1613.B12. Similarly the Active Apparel sweat shirt which has been recalled is also made of 100% cotton, but was available for purchase in black, green, royal blue, true red, and turquoise color. If you discover you have purchased one of the above sweaters the removal of the drawstring before continued use is encouraged and consumers can return the item to the place of purchase for a full refund.

It is important to be aware of potential risks posed by certain products that are directed or marketed for the use of children. Often products that are targeted at children are subject to regulation and safety rules to avoid foreseeable hazards such as choking, strangulation and entrapment. Although often manufacturers are able to catch and correct defects early on upon discovery, there are occasions that defective of dangers products reach consumers.

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