Doug / 01-20-2011 / Personal Injury

Kansas City Southern Railway Personal Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

A Kansas City judge dismissed a personal injury lawsuit with prejudice against Kansas City Southern Railway. Patricia Madison, a KCS railroad employee, filed a suit last fall alleging she tripped over a section of track and suffered injuries. Madison alleged a switchboard operator changed track direction without informing her.

Madison states she was working for KCS on January 2008 when she crossed the tracks to open a gate. A switchboard operator changed the direction of the tracks. Madison walked back, tripped, and fell when she attempted to cross the railroad tracks. She was seeking damages for her alleged medical costs, physical pain and mental anguish.

Madison alleged KCS was at fault for failing to provide proper warnings, failing to warn her of the dangerous condition and not having warnings of hazardous conditions. She also alleged unreasonable dangerous condition and failing to have proper lighting around the area.

In her complaint, Madison alleged she suffered physical impairment due to her injuries. She was seeking general and special damages, plus costs, pre and post judgment interest and other relief. It is unclear what specific damages or injuries Madison suffered because of the accident.

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