Doug / 04-28-2011 / Personal Injury

Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Personal Injury Case Against BCI Coca-Cola Bottling Company

According to the Daily Markets, a Pima County Superior Court has found that BCI Coca-Cola Bottling Company is responsible for personal injury a woman suffered after slipping and falling. The plaintiff identified as Metzler, a 26 year old kindergarten teacher stopped at a local Fry’s grocery store. While shopping, she slipped and fell on water which had leaked from a Coca Cola soft drink refrigerator.

Metzler sued the grocery store and Coca Cola for her injuries. According to reports, she suffered a herniated lumbo-sacral disk at L-5, S-1, which required both surgery and ongoing chiropractic treatment. Metzler argued she developed chronic pain which has resulted in loss of enjoyment of life and quality time with her family.

BCI Coca-Cola Bottling Company argued Fry’s was solely responsible for the woman’s injuries. However, service records revealed a history of leaking and problems with the refrigerator that the company failed to fix or repair.

Pima County Superior jury returned a verdict of $1.5 million. The defendant appealed the judgment, but the Court of Appeals upheld the jury’s decision. Metzler earlier received a settlement offer of $30,000. She refused to settle for the requested amount, instead choosing to go to a four-day jury trial. Luckily for Metzler, the jury agreed with negligence on behalf of the company and agreed that she should be compensated for injuries sustained as a result of an inadequately serviced refrigerator.

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