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Is Your Doctor On His Cell Phone During Your Heart Surgery?

Everyone is now aware of the dangers of drivers being distracted by smart phones and other devices, but what about distracted physicians? According to recent surveys and, it is a rising trend that most people are completely unaware of. In addition to an increase in the usage of electronic devices, some surgeons have their phones in the operating room with them.

“We’re dismayed by reports that say doctors, nurses, technicians and others providing medical care are spending too much time focused on smart phones, computer screens and other devices when they should be paying attention to their patients,” said Patrick A. Salvi, partner at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. “We’re not against the use of electronic devices for delivery of medical records or even personal communication, but it is absolutely crucial that a focus on the patient is not dropped from the accepted standards of medical care.”

The New York Times cited a survey of medical technicians that showed 55% of respondents acknowledged physicians talking on cell phones during heart surgery. This should be alarming for everyone who reads it.

“Why does anyone carry a cell phone into an operating room?” Salvi asked. “The patient on the table deserves the undivided attention of everyone in that room.”

Have you or a loved one been the unfortunate victim of medical malpractice?

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