Doug / 08-29-2011 / Tourist Injuries

How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling to Florida

Summer season is a busy time for tourist leaving their homes for days or weeks at a time. Tourists traveling to Florida have several ways of keeping their homes safe. A vacant home, or one that appears vacant, is an appealing target to a burglar. Here are several ways you can keep your home safe while on vacation:

Arrange to have your mail held at the post office or have a trusted neighbor pick it up daily.

Arrange for someone to mow the lawn to avoid the appearance of a vacant home.

Unsecured items such as bicycles and lawn chairs are an easy target for theft, place them in the house or garage.

Place valuables such as gold and cash in a bank safety deposit box, do not leave them unsecured at home.

Turn down the ringer volume of your home telephone so that constant ringing cannot be heard outside.

Set electric timers to turn on and off lights in at least in the living room and another part of the house.

Close and lock all windows and sliding doors, make sure the locks are secure.

Call your local police department or sheriff’s office and ask if they offer a free home security or perimeter checks.

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