Doug / 08-10-2011 / Tourist Injuries

How to Keep Germs Away During Florida Flights

Thousands of tourists visit Florida each month, many of them traveling by airplanes. Airplanes may be more comfortable forms of travel for some families but flights can be sources of germs and illnesses. Thousands of flights in the air each day carry millions of microscopic germs along for the ride. Keep your family safe when traveling to and around Florida by airplanes by staying healthy and helping to cut down the spread of germs.

Drink lots of water before and during your flight. Nasal membranes, which act as barriers against germs, do not work as well if dried out and airplanes have low humidity levels.

Use saline nasal spray to increase how rapidly the tiny hairs that line nasal passages beat back and forth to expel germs before they make their way inside.

Carry and utilize hand sanitizer on the plane. Purchase hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol and clean your hands frequently.

Wipe down trays and seat handles with alcohol and disinfecting wipes in order to get rid of germs.

Increase the ventilation at your seat by turning the vent above your seat to medium flow and position it so the current moves just slightly in front of your face. Ventilation will keep germs that come from nearby coughing and sneezing passengers from reaching you.

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