Doug / 07-15-2008 / Auto Accidents

Hit and Run Driver Arrested

The Polk County Sheriff’s office reported arresting a suspect in the death of a pregnant woman due to a hit and run auto accident last week.  The victim was a 34 year-old pregnant woman from the Four Corners area in Polk County.

The driver was in her Ford Explorer traveling on Highway 27 when she passed a tractor-trailer on the right side of the highway in the grass where the victim had been walking, throwing her body about 70 feet.  The Ford Explorer did not stop and continued down 27, stopping at a nearby gas station.  The driver of the tractor-trailer stopped at the gas station and asked the driver “do you realize you just hit a young lady?” and the driver replied back “No, I didn’t”  and drove off.

Police located the vehicle which was registered to the driver’s husband based on a license plated number provided by witnesses.  The husband said his wife told him she hit the tractor-trailer which she also repeated to the deputies who arrested her.  She is charged with one count of leaving the scene of a crash.

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