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Has Your Child’s New Bike Been Properly Assembled

Whether you purchased it at one of the big box stores, or went to the local bike shop, getting a new bike is a huge part of childhood.  Learning to ride for the first time, and finally being able to take off the training wheels are memories that bring a smile regardless of age.

As a parent, however, you should make sure the bicycle you purchased is properly assembled, and has all the necessary safety features.  If you’re assembling your child’s bike yourself, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.  Just because you can put together a table from Ikea without the walkthrough, doesn’t mean you can do the same with a bicycle, and for your child’s safety you wouldn’t want to.

When you’re assembling a bike yourself, you need to make sure you use every part that comes in the package.  All reflectors, nuts, bolts, etc. should be used and in their proper placement, as they each have an important job in holding the bicycle together and ensuring it rides correctly.

As well as using all the necessary parts, make sure you are following all the measurement guidelines.  Improperly assembled wheels, pedals, seat, brakes, and handlebars can cause the bike to ride incorrectly and cause faster, uneven wear and lead to an accident.  Make sure you are following the directions and noting any markers on the assembly to ensure each piece is put together correctly and in the proper location.

The following diagram shows some areas where you should pay particular attention when assembling a bicycle.

If you have purchased a pre-assembled bike, you also need to double-check each of these important areas.  Employees whose job it is to assemble products for a store may not know about all the important safety features and requirements when putting together a bicycle.  Either they have not been trained properly, or more often, assembling bikes is only a small part of their job, and isn’t something they know to focus on.

Regardless of where you purchased your child’s bike, you should make sure to verify it has been assembled correctly.  Even the professionals can make a mistake, and putting a second eye to proper maintenance is always a good idea.

If you or one of your loved ones was harmed because a product you purchased was not properly assembled or manufactured, please contact us.  We can review your case and let you know what your options are.

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