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Hales Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Husband’s 2007 Fatal Accident

According to South Bend Tribune, the widow of a man killed after being hit by a car nearly four years ago has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the car who hit him. This week a jury will decide whether to award the widow compensatory damages.

Barbara Hales alleges that because of negligence of Lee Poland, she lost her husband Donald Hales, who was struck and killed on U.S. 20 in front of their home in 2007. Around 8PM on October 9, Hales pulled his Chevrolet Suburban onto the side of U.S. 20 to unload an old refrigerator for trash pick up. He was in the process of getting back into his vehicle when Poland’s minivan struck the Suburban and Hales, causing fatal injuries.

Hales is seeking unspecified damages for medical, funeral and burial costs and expenses incurred by Donald Hales’ estate, as well as loss of love, affection and companionship he provided to his family, says the complaint. Poland claims it was Hales’ negligence that was the direct cause of the accident, and that he should have backed part of his vehicle into a well-traveled portion of the road. Poland’s defense claims she could not see Hales’ dark vehicle until it was too late and that she was driving at a reasonable speed.

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