Doug / 03-14-2011 / Personal Injury

Greek Theatre Patron Receives $3.2 Million in Personal Injury Lawsuit

According to Media Bistro, Denise Herron has received a judgment award of $3.2 million from an LA Superior Court Judge in her personal injury case. Herron suffered personal injuries, job loss and repeated surgeries after a visit to the Greek Theatre.

According to court documents, Herron and her boyfriend went to the Greek Theatre to see John Legend perform. They were directed to a dirt parking lot by employees of Nederlander Greek, Inc, who operated the parking lot. The parking attendants named the area “The Jungle.” The area had no lights, no pedestrian walkway and they had to avoid oncoming night traffic in pitch black conditions. Herron followed the lead of other concert goers, climbed over a fence onto a downward slope and fell, broke her leg.

A safety consultant testified during this week long trial that the conditions of the parking lot were some of the worst he had seen during his 35-year-long career. Denise Minatoya, the operations manager for the facility, admitted in court that she had never been to the parking lot at night. The manager also had no idea that the area had no walkways for pedestrians to safely access the Greek’s entrance.

Herron went through four surgeries but her leg bone is still in two pieces. She lost her job as a sports marketing director and faces 3-5 more surgeries over the next few years. Her orthopedic surgeon testified in court that there are chances her leg will never heal.

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