Doug / 07-15-2011 / Tourist Injuries

Four Tips To Keep You Safe At Florida Theme Parks

According to the Theme Park Insider, Florida tourists can enjoy the state’s many theme parks while preventing theme park injuries. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your family safe on your next vacation to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World or another amusement park.

Stay cool and avoid sunburn: Water is your family’s best friend in helping prevent heat-related illnesses in Florida theme parks. Get hydrated two to three days before your trip and continue to drink water while at touring the parks. Avoid sugary drinks as they pack on calories and alcohol dehydrates you, causing you to risk experiencing a sunstroke or heat exhaustion. Put on waterproof sunscreen before entering a park and remember to reapply it throughout the day, especially if you plan to visit water parks.

Stay away from restricted areas: All theme parks have restricted areas, which you should never enter. Do not climb fences or walk through gates marked as employee-only access.

Don’t cheat on rides: Some theme park rides are built with specific height and weight requirements, as well as health requirements. Do not use lifts to make your children appear taller, as they may be unsafe and not properly restrained while riding. Also, know if you have a certain health condition that should keep you off certain rides. All rides have signs that warn of certain risks associated with health conditions.

Stay in your seat: You should stay in your seat and properly restrained on all theme park rides. Do not take off any belts, harnesses or remove safety bars while riding. Do not get off a ride until a theme park employee has given the okay to do so and make sure the ride has fully stopped before stepping on the unload platform.

An Orlando injury lawyer can provide guidance if you have been injured while visiting one of the many theme parks in Florida.

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