Doug / 04-27-2011 / Personal Injury

Former Student Sues School Over Wrestling-Related Injury

According to Avvo, a former Washington state student has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the school district over a wrestling practice injury. The boy, along with his parents, claim the student suffered a knee injury three years ago.

Bruce and Susan Watkins filed a lawsuit against the Richland School District in Benton County Superior Court. Their son Talon was a member of the wrestling team when he allegedly twisted his knee during a scheduled wrestling practice. The lawsuit claims the team’s coach, Dan Price, was negligent for allowing the team to participate in activities other than wrestling during practice. The team was engaging in a piggyback game and horse playing when he Talon was injured by other students who landed on his knee.

The family claims Talon’s knee dislocation is chronic and permanent. Washington state does not allow punitive damages, the lawsuit requests compensation be determined by the court. The family lists medical expenses as $28,630 and claimed general damage as $500,000.

In a response filed with the court, the defendant denied allegations of negligence, saying that Talon assumed the risk of wrestling injuries A fellow student said that the accident had nothing to do with wrestling moves at the time of occurrence, but that the boys were playing a game as part of wrestling practice. The student said that no one was forced the play. Students who did not wish to play, did not have to.

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