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Florida Hospitals Receive “Worst” Ratings

In the latest issue of Consumer Reports the two largest hospital systems in Central Florida received a less than ideal prognosis.  This new report, which evaluated surgical safety of over 2500 hospitals across the nation, based their ratings on Medicare billing claims, and took into account 27 different types of surgeries.

Orlando Health and Florida Hospital received middling reviews from the consumer advocacy group.  Orlando Health was given a score of 46, while Florida hospital earned a 32.  Both were given “worst” ratings in multiple areas in the report.

Both hospital systems received the “worst” rating in the category of adverse reactions following surgery, An adverse reaction means the surgical patient suffered complications, stayed in the hospital longer than expected or died. –Orlando Sentinel

Of all the hospitals reviewed, the top rating given was a 72, and the lowest a 14.  Thankfully none of the local options received the latter.  Still, the implications of the report can leave Orlando residents concerned, especially as both hip and knee replacements received “worst” ratings in the report.  (Florida Hospital for Knee Replacements, Orlando Health for Hip Replacements.)

A closer look at the poorest outcomes in the region showed that the chances of a Medicare patient at Florida Hospital experiencing an adverse event were 19 percent worse than predicted rates. For patients undergoing a knee replacement there, outcomes were 39 percent worse than predicted.

At Orlando Health, the report found adverse events happened 30 percent more often than predicted, and for hip replacement surgeries, they were 85 percent worse than predicted rates. -Orlando Sentinel

Given the high number of retirement communities and the high average age of Florida residents, these numbers add to the concern.  Elderly and retired individuals are more likely to require these types of surgeries, and have a harder time recovering if there are complications.  This leads to longer hospital stays and higher hospital bills, both of which could be combated if the hospitals were to undertake some of the health and safety procedures undertaken by their higher-rated kin.

This brings us back to the ultimate question of how likely you are to have complications when you’re admitted to the hospital.  Most surgeries end successfully and, after an appropriate stay, you leave the hospital well and on your way to recovery.  When complications do arise, you need to ask if they could have been avoided, if the policies and procedures at the hospital had been different.

If you have been harmed or had complications arise due to a recent surgery or hospital stay, please contact us and let us know the facts of your case.  The attorneys with Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, P.A. would be happy to meet with you and let you know our thoughts and what options you may have.

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