Doug / 02-23-2011 / Personal Injury

Female Spectator Hit by Police Motorcycle, Recalls Aftermath

According to Metro West Daily News, Norma Shulman was a spectator at the Boston Marathon in April of 2007 when she was hit by a state police sergeant on his motorcycle. As a result, she is suing the Massachusetts State Police for negligence, among other claims.

In the investigation, Shulman alleges that Sgt. Dennis Bertulli swerved, hit her and then drove off. She also claims that Lt. William Cederquist who investigated the incident, covered up the accident, including coercing a local videographer into testifying against Shulman.

The entire incident was caught on tape by a local Channel 4 camera. An attorney representing Lt. Cederquist, noted that Bertulli had waved his hand, blasted his horn and flashed his lights to get Shulman’s attention in order to get her out of the street and out of the way of the runners.

Norma Shulman admits to being within an arm’s length of the runners, a potential recipe for disaster. She also admitted to driving herself to the hospital several hours after being hit. Ms. Shulman suffered from personal injury, including chest pain for six to eight weeks and paid approximately $1,000 in medical expenses following the accident.

Sgt. Dennis Bertulli has since retired from the force after 41 years of serving; but does face civil allegations of both battery and assault. In the lawsuit, Shulman is looking for compensation, attorney fees, punitive damages and any additional relief that the court may see fit.

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