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Feds Promote Back to School School Bus Safety

Statistics show that riding the school bus is the safest way for children to get to school.  School bus safety has again been in the spotlight after the National Transportation Safety Board addressed the question of seat belts on school buses.

This latest discussion regarding school bus accidents and seat belts was linked to a fatal bus accident that occurred in Chesterfield, NJ in 2012, in which an 11-year old student died.  The NTSB found that other children survived because they were wearing lap belts at the time of the accident.  As is happens, the sole fatality in that accident was not wearing a lap belt at the time.

According to the NTSB in most school bus accidents, children are perfectly safe while wearing their lap belts.  The seat cushioning and specialized design help prevent most serious injuries in accidents involving a school bus.

In fact the NTSB says that school buses are much safer for children than cars.  Our Orlando Accident Attorneys agree with that, and the statistics of children injured in car accidents versus those injured in school bus accidents back up the claim.  If a child is going to school in a bus, he is likely to be much safer than if he is traveling in a car, biking, or walking to school.  The Board recommends that buses are safer than cars even if they are not equipped with seat belts.

This said, the National Transportation Safety Board does admit that seat belts are highly effective in cases in which the accident involves a large vehicle striking the school bus from the side.  Fortunately for us in Florida, school buses are required to have seat belts installed.  It is up to parents, and the bus driver, however, to ensure they are used and used properly.  Take the time to teach your children the importance of buckling up regardless of what type of vehicle they’re in and they’ll continue to enjoy safe rides to and from school.

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