Doug / 02-10-2011 / Wrongful Death

Family Sues Emergency Room Physician for Wrongful Death

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Judy Gregory’s family filed a lawsuit against Dr. Ezea Ede claiming the physician failed to properly diagnose her condition. The family is suing for wrongful death and Jill Clauson, Sarah and Geoffrey Gregory represent the estate.

According to the complaint, the Medical Center of Southeast Texas admitted Judy Gregory on March 16 for chest pains. Dr. Ede was the emergency physician treating Gregory. Gregory had abnormal EKG readings and despite those alarming reports, the physician discharged her from the hospital with a diagnosis of arthritis, acute bronchitis, chest wall pain and hypokalemia.

Gregory died within nine hours of being discharged and was found dead in her home. Autopsy reported that the patient suffered a fatal dissecting thoracic aortic aneurysm. Weakening of an artery wall in the aorta causes this condition. The wall abnormally expands or balloons, causing aortic aneurysm, increasing the risk of tear or rupture. A rupture may cause life-threatening internal bleeding or death. Some of the symptoms of this serious condition include pain in the jaw, neck and upper back, as well as chest, back pain, coughing and difficulty breathing.

Dr. Ede negligently failed to admit the patient for continuous cardiac monitor and diagnose her condition, the lawsuit claims. Doctor’s negligence proximately caused her death, the family argues. The family of Judy Gregory seeks all wrongful and survival damages allowable under law.

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