Doug / 10-01-2013 / Consumer Safety

Electronic Cigarette Use Expanding While Devices Explode

More and more we’re seeing people smoking electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in their daily life.  While we’re of the opinion that quitting smoking altogether is still the safest option, we can understand why those trying to quit are moving to these, supposedly, safer options first.

But are these electronic devices really all that safe?  Take away the fact that the nicotine they are delivering is still dangerous.  Ignore the fact that there is no regulation on what actually goes into the vaporized fluid.  What you have left is a small electronic device with a battery and a heating element that you’re putting in your face.

This past June a Tulsa man was charging his e-cigarette in the USB port of his laptop when the device caught fire.  In early September a Phoenix man’s e-cigarette lead to a larger fire in his apartment.  Luckily in both these cases no one was harmed.

Not so for the 3-year old whose mom’s e-cigarette exploded and caught his carseat on fire just over a week ago.  These and other reports of e-cigarette malfunctions are growing in frequency as more and more smokers turn to these, reportedly, safer alternatives.  With the rise of their use, we’re sure to see more and more malfunctions and a higher likelihood of injury and harm coming to those who use the devices.

If you are a loved one have been harmed by a device that malfunctioned, please contact us and let us know the details of the case.

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