Doug / 01-14-2009 / Defective products

Cribs Recalled by Stork Craft

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), Stork Craft Manufacturing has recalled approximately 500,000 baby cribs due to possible breakage of a support bracket.

The CPSC has received 10 reports from consumers in which the brackets broke, dropping the mattress below the side rails.  In one incident, a child received bruises to his forehead and in another, a child reportedly was trapped between the mattress and siderails but was uninjured.

If your child is sleeping in a Stork Craft crib purchased between May 2000 and November 2008, the CPSC urges you to not allow your child to continue to do so until it has been repaired.  If you purchased a used crib and are not sure if it’s a Stork Craft, look on the teething bar on top of the side rail.  This is where Stork Craft puts their ensignia “storkcraft baby.”

Free replacement parts are available from Stork Craft at 866-361-3321 or from their website.

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