Doug / 01-11-2011 / Auto Accidents

Couple Receives Award for Car Crash

A young couple received compensation after a road accident that another driver caused. James Brand and wife traveled in their Mini Cooper sometime in February 2009. Damian Pritchard drove in the other direction, an attempted to pass a bus and other motorists. Pritchard caused a head-on collision, injuring Brand and his pregnant wife.

Pritchard stated he did not see the Mini as he attempted to overtake several vehicles in front of him.

Mr. Brand received whiplash injuries while his pregnant wife suffered serious injuries due to the accident; she broke her collarbone and fractured hand. Emergency responders had to pull her from her vehicle before it set on fire.

The judge ruling in the case found Mr. Pritchard’s driving dangerous and fully faulted him for the accident. The Brands took legal action for personal injury and a judge awarded a payout of around $10,000 for their injuries and loss of earnings from the aftermath of the crash.

Mr. Pritchard may have caused an accident but he was lucky it did not result in injuries that are more serious or a fatality. Mrs. Brand was pregnant at the time of the crash, and luckily, her unborn child was unharmed. Impatient drivers such as Mr. Pritchard should consider what might be ahead, including innocent road users, before attempting to pass cars ahead of them.

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