Doug / 06-07-2011 / Defective products

Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues Pool Drain Cover Recall

According to The Digital Journal, a recent pool drain cover recall has prompted public pool closures nationwide. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled approximately 1 million pool and spa drain covers due to irregularly strong suction and related personal injury risks from the defects.

A recent news report said that injury risk due to pool drain cover entrapment is especially high for young children. The CPSC has advised that kiddie pools, wading pools and in-ground spas should respond immediately to the safety recall and close public pool areas until the issue is resolved. The pool drain covers need to be replaced in order to prevent hazardous drain covers causing a needless tragedy. The CPSC Public Affairs director added that an incorrect certification process failed to uphold proper protocol during testing on pool drain covers and that the drain were improperly rated regarding water flow capacity. The CPSC has the authority to enforce public pool closures if necessary in order to maintain public safety standards.

Orlando personal injury attorney advises that if you frequent a local pool or spa facility, talk to the administrators about the pool drain cover recall and ensure that the officials are taking proper steps to prevent risk and injury to patrons. As summer approaches, consumers look forward to cooling off in public pools and enjoying warm temperatures. However, safety should always be the number one priority.

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