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Congress Considers Holding Foreign Manufacturers Responsible for Injuries

It is difficult enough to sustain an injury caused by a defective product.  When that product is manufactured outside of the United States it gets worse.

Subjecting manufacturers outside the United States to the authority of our courts in has proven to be a daunting and burdensome task. Our legislature understands that something needs to change and has now proposed The Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act, which would ease the process of subjecting foreign manufacturers to the United States’ legal jurisdiction.

The act, in essence, would require the foreign manufacturer to place an agent in the states where they are conducting business.  This is in order for that agent to consent to service of process by which the court can obtain jurisdiction over the manufacturer.

This act is intended to relieve any American citizens that have suffered and found no remedy for their injuries.  Foreign corporations are, understandably, opposed to subjecting themselves to potential liability, but what should be considered, is that a great a deal of what American’s buy is made elsewhere.

There are, of course, consequences.  If this act were passed there may be an adverse reaction from foreign manufacturers and the countries in which they operate.  Retaliatory actions may be taken in the form of increased prices or reduced production.  There is also the potential reduction on the importing of American made products. In addition, forcing foreign manufacturers to maintain offices in every state in which they conduct their business, would also increase their costs and subsequently the costs of their products.

This Act would not only allow us to separate ourselves from such buying, it would help focus our spending on more American made products.  This would also put pressure on these foreign corporations. A pressure that would unequivocally relay a message that says:  If you want to make money off American citizens, you have to remain accountable to those citizens.

If you have been harmed by a poorly or improperly manufactured product, regardless of where it was manufactured, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.  Contact us and let us review the facts of your case for free.  We will work our hardest to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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