Doug / 07-01-2011 / Wrongful Death

Comstock Wrongful Death Lawsuit Heads To Trial

According to the News Leader, Faith Stocker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her mother, Alberta Comstock, claiming she pulled the trigger and caused the death of Rolland Comstock, Stocker’s stepfather. Rolland Comstock was discovered lying face-up on his dining room floor by his longtime attorney and friend on July 3, 2007.

The criminal case remains an open investigation, despite the fact that it went before a grand jury and failed to result in any criminal charges. Alberta Comstock’s name was thrust into spotlight after she was named in a search warrant and a request for DNA samples. In paperwork asking for the warrant, the sheriff’s office described confidential and medical paperwork addressed to Alberta Comstock found in the home.

Both Comstock and her son Michael denied that they had been in the home for months before the incident and that Alberta bought a gun the day before her ex-husband’s death. The civil wrongful death case is expected to start in a week, Stocker accuses her mother of killing Comstock and acting alone or in conspiracy with another.

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