Doug / 01-18-2011 / Personal Injury

City of Portland to Settle Personal Injury Lawsuit

The City Council of Portland has agreed to pay $44,043.26 to settle a personal injury lawsuit filed because of actions of a former police officer. Edassa Argo, 28, of Portland, filed a personal injury suit alleging former Office Ronald Frashour rammed into her car while responding to an emergency call.

In August of 2008, Frashour assisted in pursuit of a reckless driver. A dispatch announced the description of the suspect vehicle, a red Honda Accord and its license plate. Frashour performed a pursuit intervention technique, which is striking the bumper of a car to try to get it to stop, except he hit a silver Honda with a different license plate. Argo, who was an innocent bystander, drove the silver Honda.

The settlement came because of mediation with a retired judge. Under the settlement, the city would pay $40,000 now. The city’s risk management agency advanced $4,043.26 to the plaintiff.

Details of the incident were included in Frashour’s termination letter. The department found his actions to be unsatisfactory; out of policy and that, the former police officer lacked probable cause. Decision to terminate came from several incidents. His firing came because of several disciplinary actions, including using deadly force on an unarmed man who was attempting to surrender to police. Death of Aaron Campbell, 25, resulted in protests and a ‘Fire Frashour’ group for the officer’s involvement in shooting the man in the back.

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