Doug / 11-02-2011 / Consumer Safety

Charges Filed Against Teen Posing As Physician Assistant

A teenager in Kissimmee is being charged and accused of posing as a physician assistant in a hospital, according to The Orlando Sentinel.  According to St. Cloud Police Chief Pete Gauntlett, it’s not the first time young Matthew Scheidt has pulled this stunt.  They said they investigated similar claims last month before deciding not to file charges.  Officials at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center denied the young man credentials.

Scheidt, however, was able to obtain and ID badge from Osceola Regional Hospital after posing as a student from Nova Southeastern University.  He provided care to an undisclosed number of patients—including performing CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest.  He is charged with two counts of impersonating a physician assistant and two counts of practicing medicine without a license, all of which are third degree felonies.

Should the hospital be held accountable here?  Is this borderline medical malpractice?  What if someone had died while under the care of the imposter?

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