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Careless Driving Unacceptable for Trucks Hauling 20 Tons

The video above is from an accident that occurred a few years ago in Missouri. We are posting it not because of why this truck overturned, but to point out that a crane was needed to clear this section of US Route 50 of the 40,000 pounds tons of logs that spilled from the trailer.

While many truck accidents involve loads that are secured inside covered trailers, one recent accident on South Highway 99 was a reminder of the danger involved with cargo that can become loose because of driver error. reported on July 24, 2012, that the Florida Highway Patrol said the 48-year-old truck driver was at fault when his log truck overturned near Bay Springs. The driver had to be airlifted to a Pensacola hospital with minor injuries. He was cited for careless driving, which you may recall was the ticket police throughout Florida were issuing for texting or talking on the phone during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

While no other motorists were injured in this accident, drivers hauling dangerous loads need to avoid going too fast or doing anything else while driving that could possibly affect their ability to control their vehicles. You can find more information about truck accidents on our website, but we will discuss another dangerous issue with truck drivers in our next post.

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