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Can Dash Cams Impact Your Florida Car Accident Claim?

More and more drivers are investing in dashboard-mounted cameras, also known as dash cams, due to their many benefits. There are multiple types of dashboard cameras, and each offers different features. Some dash cams have motion sensors and will start recording as soon as they detect movement around your vehicle, and others may record in front of your car or around the sides as well. The endless options a dash cam offers drivers are very helpful when it comes to staying safe on the road.

One central element in why people are investing in dash cameras is that they are proven to help in car accident claims. If a person acts recklessly and causes an accident, you have your dash cam footage to use as evidence. As long as the dash cam does not obstruct your view of the road, installing the camera on your own is legal. However, if there is audio recording included in your dash cam, you’ll need to provide a verbal warning that you are recording the conversation, and that warning must be recorded on the device.

4 Ways a Dash Cam Can Help Your Car Accident Claim

While you’re driving down the road, dashboard cameras will record all actions around your car. If an accident occurs while you’re in the car or driving down the road, you have video evidence of what happened at the scene. There are many ways for a dash camera to benefit your car accident claim, including:

First-Hand Evidence

In many cases, determining fault can be challenging in car accidents. Each party may believe the other caused the accident, so there is a need for extensive amounts of evidence to prove who caused the accident. With a dashboard camera, you have a video recording of the other party colliding with your car. This piece of evidence is priceless in an accident and can significantly alter your claim.

Holds Drivers Accountable

During an accident claim, some drivers may claim they didn’t cause the accident when they did. This can be extremely frustrating and challenging in a car accident case. However, a dash cam holds the driver accountable for their actions and words. Showing that they are lying or misleading the case is another vital piece of evidence in your case.

Reinforces Your Claim

For some car accidents, you may find it challenging to understand what happened. You may even consider the possibility that you were the one in the wrong. With a video recording available, you can look back and find that you were not the one to cause the accident. The recording of the accident will reinforce your viewpoint and your claim.

Provides Security

Many individuals get nervous or frightened when driving down roads filled with traffic or in unknown places. With a dash cam, drivers can feel more confident that they’ll have something to back up their claim if something terrible happens. Having that extra level of security can make a significant difference in your car accident claim.

There are many benefits to having dash cams installed in your vehicle. If you are in an accident and need evidence to back up your claim, a dash cam can act as vital evidence. Talk with your lawyer about your dashboard camera and how it can help your case.

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