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Can a Police Report Help Prove Fault After a Florida Car Accident?

Making a police report following a car accident. 4 Ways a Police Report Can Help You Prove Fault After a Florida Car AccidentOne of the first steps you should take following a car accident is to call the police. Even if the accident does not seem severe, having a police report could be vital if you discover injuries or property damage following the accident. Suppose the other driver behaved negligently, and you intend to pursue a claim for compensation. In that case, a police report can be a vital piece of evidence to establish the validity of your claim. 

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, it is in your best interest to seek the help of an experienced car accident attorney. Your attorney will know how to use a police report to validate your claim for compensation and guide you through every step of this complex legal process. 


4 Ways a Police Report Can Help You Prove Fault After a Florida Car Accident

A police report can be a vital piece of evidence in any car accident claim that can help prove negligence and the extent of the damages you have suffered. Some ways a police report can help prove liability after an accident include:

Establishing an Objective and Unbiased Version of Events

After the officer arrives at the scene of the accident and ensures the safety of all parties, they will assess what caused the accident. This can be extremely helpful to your case since the officer is an unbiased third party who will not favor one driver over another in their report. The officer will note any weather conditions, road hazards, or negligent behavior that may have led to the accident. 

Collecting Witness Statements 

While you may be able to collect witness information on your own if your injuries are minor, a police officer can assist if your injuries need immediate medical attention. If you are unconscious or need to be taken from the scene in an ambulance, the officer can interview witnesses to get a clearer picture of what may have caused the accident and how it occurred. Additionally, police officers can document information provided by individuals that called 911 but did not remain at the scene. These witnesses may provide essential information that can validate your claim.

Documenting Any Traffic Citations

If a driver committed any traffic violations that may have been a factor in the accident, it would be documented in the police report. An officer may issue a ticket for speeding, illegal passing, or running a red light, among other violations. Having these violations documented can be essential for proving fault after an accident. 

Assessing Injuries and Property Damage

Often, an insurance company may attempt to deny or devalue your claim on the basis that your injuries and damage to your vehicle were not caused by the accident. Having a police report that details the extent of your injuries and property damage at the time of the accident can negate these claims and establish that your injuries and other damages were, in fact, caused by the accident. 


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