Doug / 05-27-2014 / Auto Accidents

Beach Driving Dangers

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to the summer, millions of people are making their way to Florida’s beaches to cool off and enjoy the sun. This past Memorial Day Weekend saw an overwhelming amount of individuals and crowds of people. Every year we’re faced with stories of tragic injuries caused by inattentive drivers striking children and adults just trying to enjoy the beach.

On Memorial Day, a child was struck by a Jeep on Daytona Beach causing injuries and significant cause for concern for the parents. Like so many times, an innocent child enjoy the beach runs out unaware of the dangerous of vehicles driving on the beaches. But just as concerning is the inattentive drivers that often times get mesmerized by the ocean views or looking for an open spot to park. Here the parents admitted they should have been watching their child more closely to prevent this accident. Fortunately, the child was released from the hospital and is doing much better.

While this past weekend was relatively safe for beach pedestrians, historically Florida beaches that allow driving have caused great concern. Back in 2010, a 4-year old child was struck and killed on Daytona Beach. Report then indicated that in a five year period there were more than 40 pedestrian-vehicle strikes and 20 with serious injuries.

The Volusia County beach officials stress that the speed limit is 10 mph, drivers should keep their headlights on, and to keep the front window open to hear for anything. Probably the most important tip: no texting while driving. Read more of the safety tips published by Volusia County here.

It is important that everyone, both drivers and sunbathers, pay attention to their surroundings on beaches that allow cars. Limiting your cruising and going straight to a parking spot, keeping your eyes on the road, and watching where you walk/cross will ensure a safe trip to the beach for all.

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