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Balancing your Bicycle May Have Gotten More Difficult

The trend among those in the cyclist community has been to find ways to make bikes lighter and faster. This has lead to an increasing move towards cyclists adopting carbon fiber bikes that have taken the industry by storm. However the race to find the desired weight and speed may have thrown cyclists off balance now having to cope with the dangers this new trend poses to consumers. There have been growing reports of failure of carbon fiber bikes causing users to suffer injuries.

The failures of newer bikes like this are centered on material use in manufacturing. Steel bends and carbon fiber snaps. The dangers however posed by steel framed bikes take time to develop over deterioration, whereas fiber carbon frames break suddenly and unexpectedly. These accidents caused by sudden failure of carbon fiber bikes can be catastrophic and cause injuries during use. Cyclists have reported experiencing loss of control and balance on carbon fiber bikes.

With the knowledge of the dangers posed by the different manufactured bikes, cyclists are forced to balance what matters most to them safety or how light their bike is. Does the desire for a light and fast bike really open the door for cyclists to have to make that choice though? Should bikers assume the risk when choosing the purchase the latest bikes being manufactured?

We think not. We believe no matter what purchasing decision you make when buying a bike, you should be buying a bike that is safe for use. If you or a loved one has been injured and those injuries are due to poor manufacturing of a bicycle Please call us today.

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