Doug / 11-07-2011 / Auto Accidents

Baby Saved By Buoyant Diaper

A 3-year-old narrowly escaped death in a car accident on October 26, according to the Sun Sentinel.  An argument between the child’s parents caused them to plunge off the road and into a lake in South Florida. The car submerged into the lake, and the boy’s father, Sandro Michel, drowned.  Police believe that the buoyancy of young Sariyah Michel’s diaper propelled him out the car and to the surface

“All of a sudden, this little thing popped up like a cork,” says Deputy Cazi Navarro.  Sandro has a history of violence against the boy’s mother, Catherine Copeland.  The couple was seen fighting at a gas station shortly before the accident.  Rescue responders first saved Copeland before spotting the young boy surface.

“At that point the baby was kind of lifeless, her arms were dangling, no responsiveness, no consciousness,” said Deputy Michael Francis.  The boy and mother were taken to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood.

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