Doug / 03-04-2011 / Personal Injury

Audience File Lawsuit After Injury By “Billy Elliot” Broadway Prop

According to AVVO, two Missouri women were allegedly injured by a prop during a “Billy Elliot” Broadway performance in 2009.

“Billy Elliot” opened on Broadway back in 2008. Since then, it has received 10 Tony Awards.

The two women, who hail from Kansas City, Missouri, were hospitalized following the injuries they allegedly sustained while sitting in the front row of the Broadway performance.

The personal injury lawsuit states that the two women suffered from head injuries after being struck with a plastic crate. It is unclear whether the crate was accidentally kicked or if it slipped from the hands of a performer.

54 year old Elaine Rosen suffered from a deep gash wound, which left behind a permanent scar while the other audience member, Cynthia Noblit, suffered from a concussion.

According to the personal injury lawsuit, the producers of the show—NBC Universal and Billy Broadway—neglected to warn the audience of any potential dangers.

Both of the women are suing for $2 million each, for a total of $4 million in damages.

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