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Are you Training your Teens to be Good Drivers

With seemingly no exception, teens are worse drivers than adults.  The accident and death rates of young people ages 15-24 is 14% higher than that of other drivers.  Teens and young drivers are more likely to misjudge dangerous driving conditions, drive with distractions, and cause accidents than any other sector of drivers.

Are you teaching your teen to be a good driver?  There are several steps parents can take to ensure their teens are driving safely.  The most important of these steps is to be a good example for your teens driving habits.  By avoiding distracted driving and taking care to drive for the conditions you’re in, you can help ensure your teen will be a good driver as well.

Many parents are taking the step of having their teen sign a contract before handing over the keys.  The CDC posted this teen driving contract, and we recommend you use it or a similar one to enforce consequences for bad driving.

But don’t stop there.  Sign a similar contract for yourself and make sure you follow the rules and pay the consequences when you don’t.  If you are a safe driver, then you will train those around you to be a safe driver as well.  As the old saying goes, lead by example.

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