Doug / 02-06-2012 / Consumer Safety

Amusement Park Injuries

When people think about Universal Studios, Disney World, Epcot Center or any of the major amusement parks in Orlando, they associate the parks with fun times with friends and family, often times a vacation. But these parks do a lot of business each year and have a responsibly to maintain safety standards for their millions of patrons.

In Florida, these parks are required to report their safety and accident statistics to the state each year. This information is made available to the public annually. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, 280 million guests visited amusement parks in the United States and rode on over 1.7 billion rides. Patrons suffered a total of 1,086 reported injuries on these rides. 65 of the injuries were considered “serious,” which is classified by whether or not the victim stayed at least one night in a hospital. Serious injuries made up for 6% of all theme park ride injuries.

If you are a victim of a theme park injury, you will want to immediately consult an attorney who has experience with these parks and their complicated laws. You may be entitled to damages and other compensation.

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