Doug / 05-13-2011 / Truck Accident

Abbott Truck Accident Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a 31-year-old Lindenhurst woman has filed a lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories after a truck ran over her twice in the parking lot of Abbott Park. Shannon Rosberg, an employee of Collins Consulting at Abbott Laboratories, suffered severe personal injuries as she was walking into an Abbott office on April 6. She was struck as an Abbot-owned truck was reversing in the parking lot.

Rosberg states in her complaint that an Abbott truck was reversing when it felt a little resistance, which was Rosberg. Instead of stopping the vehicle, the driver allegedly pulled forward and ran over her body a second time. The driver did not initially stop to observe what had been hit.

As a result of the incident, Rosberg suffered massive internal injuries, including a crushed pelvis, several broken ribs and internal organ injury. She is expected to survive despite being in a coma.

The police report found the driver to be negligent, and witnesses agreed that the driver had acted negligently. Rosberg is suing Abbott Laboratories in Cook County District Court and alleges that the company failed to protect people going from the parking lot to the Abbott building. Rosberg is also suing the driver of the Abbott truck over his negligent actions.

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