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8-Year-Old Boy Mauled In Vicious Pit Bull Attack

An 8-year-old boy from Deerfield Beach in Florida was severely injured in a dog attack involving a pit bull in October, according to sources.  Nicholas Garvey was riding his bicycle in his neighborhood when he was attacked by Jada, a pit bull belonging to Jeanette Peterson.  Neighbor Sharon Haynes was able to eventually pull the dog off the young boy.  Nicholas suffered a broken arm and was covered in lacerations.

“If the animal tasted human blood, I believe it should be put to sleep,” Nicholas’ mother, Teresa Rose told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Haynes used the boy’s bike and a cast-iron tool to fight the dog off the boy.  Nicholas came to her door looking for help while under attack.

“The first thing I grab was his bike—I start beating the dog with the bike, telling the dog to get off him,” Haynes said.

Peterson was fined $648 for the bite and failing to register and vaccinate her pet.  She claimed that neighborhood children had shot the dog with a BB gun in the past.

“If you do something to a dog, they’re going to remember,” she said.  “She’s a lover, not a fighter.  She’s innocent.”

Do you think the punishment to the dog owner was appropriate?  Do Peterson’s claims about her dog being abused hold ay validity?

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