Michael Damaso / 09-11-2022 / Pedestrian Accident

6 Tips to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian in Florida

Whether you are exercising, walking to work or school, or picking up a few items from a local shop, Orlando’s streets can be full of dangers for pedestrians. In an instant, a negligent driver can drastically alter the life of a pedestrian and cause catastrophic injuries. While it is impossible to control a driver’s actions, there are several steps pedestrians can take to maximize their safety on the road. 

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How to Protect Yourself as a Florida Pedestrian

While you cannot control a negligent driver’s actions, several steps can be taken to protect yourself as a pedestrian. In honor of National Pedestrian Safety Month, we have gathered the six best tips for staying vigilant while walking Florida’s scenic streets. 

Ensure You Are Seen

Unfortunately, drivers cannot avoid pedestrians they cannot see. To increase your visibility, make eye contact with drivers as they pass. If you walk at night, wear bright or reflective clothing and stay in well-lit areas. 

Only Cross at Intersections or Crosswalks

Most drivers know they can expect to see pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks and act accordingly. When a pedestrian jaywalks, drivers may not expect them and not react in time to avoid an accident. Intersections also allow the drivers and pedestrians a wide field of view to look in all directions before moving. 

Watch for Turning Vehicles

Take notice of any cars turning into the street you are crossing. The driver will likely look for oncoming traffic and may not see you. If you are walking down a sidewalk near a driveway, be wary of cars making right turns and ensure you are seen. 

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Listening to music, texting, or talking on the phone while walking down a roadway can be life-threatening. Keep your eyes and ears open to any traffic hazards. Distracted pedestrians often walk into the road and put their lives at risk. 

Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Walking Near High-Traffic Areas

While drinking and driving is never acceptable, drinking and walking can also result in severe injuries. Alcohol can drastically impact your decision-making skills and may cause you to walk into traffic or endanger others. 

Obey Traffic Signals

If traffic is slow, it may be tempting to cross an intersection while the “don’t walk” signal is on. However, cars travel much faster than you do and may approach while you are in the middle of the intersection. Walking when the signal says it is okay guarantees you the right-of-way and lowers the risk of being struck by a vehicle. 


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